W.H Council Traditional School

1st Grade: Ms. Monday's Class

Mobile, Alabama

Alabama Course of Study Standards for 1st grade:

Describe survival traits of living things, including color, shape, size, texture, and covering.
English Language Arts:
Read a variety of written material.
Apply study strategies.
Use appropriate sources for obtaining information.
Participate in the writing process.
Begin to use conventional mechanics and spelling when editing written expression.
Apply proper use of grammar for written and spoken communication.
Use available technology for expression.
Use a variety of media and technology resources for directed and independent learning activities across the curriculum.
Utilize information from a locally approved Internet web site.
Use telecommunications and other media to collaborate and interact with peers and other audiences, following appropriate laws and regulations.
Arts Education:
Demonstrate movement that has a relationship to a person, place, or object.
Depict simple stories and situations through the use of puppetry.

Mobile is located on the west side of Mobile Bay, which feeds into the Gulf of Mexico. Mobile Bay is an estuary, commonly known as a birth place for many local animals. The water is brackish, shallow, and has plenty of marshy areas and sand bars. Here's a website to tell you a bit more:
Mobile Bay National Estuary Here's a PowerPoint presentation about estuaries & their importance: Estuary PowerPoint/NOAA

A few times a year, we get to see a jubilee in our area. Take a look:

Animals found in Mobile Bay's habitat we explored:
Alabama beach mouse
West Indian manatee

brown pelican
bald eagle
peregrine falcon
piping plover
red-cockaded woodpecker
wood stork

Alabama red-bellied turtle
eastern indigo snake
gopher tortoise
loggerhead sea turtle
American alligator

American burrying beetle