This project is open for your creative minds to do whatever they can think up. Consider all the learning styles of your students and present the material in a variety of ways: including multimedia, text, audio and visual, pictures, trips, diagrams.

Students then can show learning through multiple formats. They can choose the way they want to "show what they know." Be creative the sky is the limit. Allow students to choose from a variety of materials: paper drawing or computer drawings, poems, stories, audio, pictures whatever they want.

Project Timeline:

This project begins on November 1, 2008. Materials need to be emailed to me by February 15, 2009. Work will be posted when recieved and will remain online for a resource.

Project Guidelines:

Submit a short narrative of your learning experiences and include which state or national standards were covered during this project. We will accept a maximum of 5 graphics per class. Please adhere to the WIKIspaces file requirements found under the HELP Menu.

Example from last year:

Emily's White Tail Deer

external image White Tail Deer.ppt

Example of research questions:

external image msword.png Ohio Animals Research Paper.doc

Registration Information:

Please send the following information to Christina at:

Your name

E-mail Address

School name and grade level

Your state

Your class web site url (not required)

Project Coordinator:

Christina Godsey

2nd Grade Teacher

Technology Team Lead

Credits: Microsoft Clipart, WIKIspaces