I. Ellis Johnson Elementary School 2nd Grade, Ms. Zadora, North Carolina

Welcome! Please meet Ceaser, our class macaw.


Ceaser was a rescued animal. He is a military macaw whose native country is South America, but now he lives with our teacher Ms. Zadora. For our first project, we want to share our experiences with him as our class pet with you. We will show you what he eats, where he lives, the games he likes to play and the proper care techniques of an exotic pet.

Ceaser Comes for a Visit

Ceaser came to visit us all day Friday, Oct. 31. We got the chance to take him outside and watched him walk around the playground. We took pictures and videos as we all got acquainted with him.

ceaser.jpg ceaser_in_class.jpg

kids.jpg mrjones.jpg

We fed Ceaser dried fruit, apples, and seeds. We also gave him some pretzels through the bars on his cage.

ceaser_food.jpg ceaser_crate.jpg

He talked to us. His voice is really loud! But the most fun was taking him outside and watching him sit on our classmates arms. Then we videoed him when he flew from Ms. Zadora and landed on the ground.

It is going to be a lot of fun when Ceaser visits us each week. We will keep you updated about his visits.

Week of December 1 - 5, 2008

This week during our computer lab time, we will begin our PowerPoint about Ceaser and his visits to our classroom. The class PowerPoint will be posted when it is complete. We plan to showcase Ceaser and his life as a domesticated bird, but we will compare his life of ease to the life of a military macaw who lives in the wild.

PowerPoint Project

Our students created a PowerPoint project to show specific information about Ceaser. We did some research about military macaws and their natural habitat, the predators of this beautiful birds and the types of food they eat. Having Ceaser visit our classroom every week, we were able to see the difference between the lifestyle of a wild bird versus a bird living in someone's home. From the compare and contrast activities we did in class, we created our slides. Below are a couple of examples of our work.

Art work

Our class divided into two groups to create art work about birds like Ceaser. We used Paint Shop pro to add the text to the picture.

Ceaser's Habitat

Ceaser Video -

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