I. Ellis Johnson Elementary School 2nd Grade, Ms. Moore-Locklear, North Carolina

How Wooly are our Woolys?


Here are our class pets, Willie and Wilma. They are Wooly Worms that we received from Mr. Wooly (Roy Krege) http://www.averycounty.com who is from Banner Elk, NC. This city is part of the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains. The caterpillars sent to us can help people predict the weather.

While Willie and Wilma are with us, we will learn what they eat, the stages of their life cycle (metamorphosis) and predators that might cause them harm.

Today, we took Willie and Wilma outside so that they could get used to their home. We had fun watching them crawl around on the picnic table and we got the chance to take pictures and videos of them. They really are cute and when they crawl across your hand it tickles!

We will continue to take pictures and will put the videos together so that we can post the video for you to see. This is going to be a fun project!